The Wellness Collaborative is a non-profit, volunteer group formed to provide non-emergency and non-medical wellness services to residents of Big Canoe. The Wellness Collaborative Board has set six preliminary goals for 2015. Those goals and the board members taking the lead are:

1. Non-Emergency Transportation to assist residents of Big Canoe who require help or assistance with critical transportation services; Rhonda Stock.

2. Food Delivery Program to assist residents of Big Canoe to maintain healthy nutritional standards and meet dietary needs; Lamar Helms

3. Information and Referral Service to promote wellness and assure the greatest degree of independence of Big Canoe residents by establishing a process to help match the needs of residents with the resources available in our community; Ken Nichols.

4. Two-Way Communication Plan and System to ensure that projects developed by the Big Canoe Wellness Collaborative meet the needs of the community; Phil Yeakel.

5. Resource Development to ensure that the Wellness Collaborative has sufficient support (both financial and human resources) to implement goals and future efforts; Jack Schroder.

6. Multigenerational Activity, Program/Center to provide wellness programming and supportive services to families of all ages; Jim Braley.

7. Visits Program to assist residents of the Big Canoe area that need companion services for their spouse, family member or for themselves.